Tuesday, 12 April 2016

A Quick Word - Issue 45, March 2015

Reward and Recognition

I’m sure that everyone gets a warm special feeling of achievement when you get a pat on the back from the boss or receives an award in recognition for something that you have done.

I had that feeling of pride recently at the Orange Business Chambers Banjo Business Awards night.
I was saddened to hear that CGU won’t be the major sponsor of the awards next year.

Here is a golden opportunity for a major business to gain serious recognition as a major sponsor of an ever improving awards program.
Perhaps Cadia Valley Operations could see themselves as a sponsor. What a way it would be for them to support local business and provide excellence to the awards process.

More good news to share with you is that we are now a 50% shareholder of a new company namely Australia Wide Industries Civil and Construction (AWICC). The other 50% shareholder is ISOASH owned by a Paul Montagliani. AWICC have just won a contract developing roadways underground at Cadia East. Work should commence early April. Twenty-seven employees will be involved. This development for Horts is the culmination of a synergy that has developed between two organisations that has borne good fruit where as individual businesses neither was able to meet the demands of the contract. Hort Enterprises now has a civil construction capability and diversity through AWICC that can add value to any future bid for complex contracts.

Jeff H

Tony Healey congratulates Jeff Hort (Managing Director) of Hort Enterprises for
the wins in three categories at the 2014 Banjo Business Awards

Young and Growing Stronger Every Day

March the 5th 2015 Hort Enterprises celebrated 20 Years in Business. I caught up with Jeff Hort earlier this week and asked him a few questions.

20 Years is a long time has it been an easy?
No, it has been anything but easy.  Exciting?  Yes, educational?  Yes, rewarding?  Yes, profitable?  Not so much, demanding?  Very,  worthwhile?  Absolutely.  Would I do it again? Yes. Would I do things differently? Yes of course. Given what I know now about running a business, I would make less mistakes and do some things differently. 

So, 20 years on, what are you celebrating?
We’re proud of the fact that we have met the challenge, survived and prospered where others have failed.  We’re proud of the fact that we are still here, still learning and getting stronger every day.  We are working smarter today than yesteryear and will be even smarter tomorrow. In retrospect, we have much to be thankful for.

What are some of the milestones along the way?  2014 was definitely a very busy year for Hort Enterprises. The year saw the completion of our new workshop and abrasive blasting facility located at our industrial property on Clergate Road Orange.  Our company has been rebadged and is now called Hort Enterprises to better reflect members of the Hort family involvement in the business rather than just one member.  We realise success is never final and failure is not fatal - It is the courage to continue that makes the difference.
Congratulations Jeff your family members and staff I hope to see you again in another 20 years.

Reliability Engineering…..Non Destructive Testing

It is widely known that asset reliability engineering is a core focus for many companies that strive to ensure the continual and safe operation of their assets. This is becoming more important in recent times as companies try to endure the current downturn in
the resources market.

Hort Enterprises offers a wide range of Non-Destructive testing services including 
ultra-sonic testing, radiography, magnetic particle testing, & dye penetrant testing. Each method serves a unique specific purpose in locating any potential problems that
may arise during the service life of your plant & equipment.

Having a cost effective reliability service, means that you can plan for the repair or replacement of components as they wear, before they become costly breakdowns that stop production and costs you time & money.

It is also helps you to fulfil your legal responsibility as the asset owner to ensure that certain types of plant & equipment are inspected and certified for continual safe use to conform to WorkCover legislation.

Reliability Engineering...A way to predict the future by understanding the present

For more information, please contact
Peter Warren - m. 0498 990 002
p. +61 2 6391 4100 – f. +61 2 63613244
e. engineering@hortenterprises.com.au